Case Studies.


Go-to-Market Case Studies.

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Case Study: Power Transmission

Our objective was to evaluate the value of this product concept to different customer segments and to quantify the size of the opportunity for each segment.

Case Study: Pump Manufacturer

At great expense, our client previously launched several products with disappointing results. To avoid another costly mistake, the client retained QDI to conduct research to measure their new product’s potential for success before the actual launch.

Case Study: Electric Ranges and Ovens

Our client had access to several new cooking technologies from convection and light ovens to induction cooking and smooth-top ranges.


Channel Strategy Case Studies.

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Case Study: Specialty Chemical Channel Erosion

We worked with a specialty chemical manufacturer several years ago that was the leader in the industry and had been introducing new product categories every few years. In spite of this, revenue growth, as defined by gallons of product sold per year was flat and had been flat for ten years.

Case Study: Biotech Channel Pricing Conflict

Our client was the manufacturer of a breakthrough biotechnology drug. Sales were skyrocketing, and our client’s drug was the fastest growing drug in history at that point in time. But quickly, things began to unravel in the marketplace.

Case Study: Utility Service Vehicle

QDI conducted research with all the players in the market to understand the nature and scope of the overlaps in market segment coverage and product lines between different channel players.

Case Study: Maintenance Coatings

We helped our client identify the channels, size their potential and determine how well our client’s offering would fit within these channels.


Segmentation Case Studies.

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Case Study: Process Equipment

A process equipment manufacturer turned to QDI to evaluate its existing channel structure’s ability to deliver long-term growth. We developed a channel strategy that put the manufacturer on track to grow its business.

Case Study: Construction Equipment – Aftermarket Strategy

Our client was looking to grow share in a highly competitive aftermarket parts market. It became critical to understand the needs of the market. Our needs-based segmentation exercise identified two distinct customer groups.

Case Study: Factory Automation

Maxitron was the first company to marry the brains of the personal computer to the functionality of a PLC. This was an exciting technology advance.

Case Study: Power Transmission Equipment

Our client had been developing the power transmission equipment aftermarket opportunity for several years. They posed the question,” What do we need to do to dramatically grow our aftermarket business?”


Market Research Case Studies.

All QDI projects are based on primary research QDI project teams collect. To see how the research is used, review QDI case studies.


Growth Strategy Case Studies.

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Case Study: Programmable Controls

GE realized it was in trouble. The product line was old; the development efforts for the next generation product were going to produce at best a me-too product. QDI’s research helped GE identify the forces it could leverage in the market.

Case Study: Kitting Strategy for Competition

A leading manufacturer of engines was looking for a strategy to offset the efforts aftermarket suppliers – will-fitters – were having in his market. Our research identified areas to improve on that were met with enthusiastic market response.

Case Study: International Pump Manufacturer

Our client’s objective was simple: learn how to grow market share outside of their home market.

Case Study: Waste Management Market

A leading manufacturer of equipment to the waste treatment market was in need of a channel strategy that would grow its business.