Growing Share Distribution – Customer Challenges

How do you increase your channel’s effort with your products?

Often your sales effectiveness is only as good as the sales channel’s ability to communicate your value. Learn how multi-channel systems are being developed to change the selling and buying process to increase the effectiveness of your sales channels.

Case studies on Growing Share Through Distribution

Case Study: Concrete Construction Chemicals

We developed programs that were targeted at the highest potential distributors who could help our client increase sales revenue.

Case Study: Building Materials

Our consultants interviewed both large and small contractors and the company’s existing distributors as well as competitive distributors. We identified key programs for each segment of the market.

Whitepapers on Growing Share Through Distribution

distribution strategy primer whitepaper

Whitepapers – A Primer for Manufacturers & Distributors

Distribution strategy is not easy. Suppliers struggle with it. Efforts to insure that brands are available to end users when & where they want to buy mean that product distribution is a critical element in a brand’s success or failure.

distribution strategy whitepaper

Whitepapers – Measuring the Supplier Relationship

As suppliers, both distributors and manufacturers frequently use the term “partner” when describing their relationship with their channels or customers. The reality is that a good percentage of partnerships have sunken to the point where each party is preoccupied with fulfilling his own self-serving ends.

tools to capture greater market share whitepaper

Whitepapers – Value from a Clearer Market Vision

The following tools help you assess how your Designed and Perceived Value stack up against competition to enable you to see new profit and/or share opportunities.

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