Pricing and Positioning – Customer Challenges

Do I have a positioning or pricing problem?

Am I leaving money on the table?

While many companies are trying to determine the “right price” they often learn that they have a more basic problem – positioning – the customers don’t understand your value proposition. As a result their reactions to your pricing tests – and often your sales pitches – fail short expectations. Solving this starts by clearly defining your “position” to your different customer groups.

Pricing also can be a problem of execution. What does a hectograph of your market prices tell you? Are you pricing consistently for value across your organization, or are some sales reps leaving value on the table or others walking away from sales because they can’t sell the value?

Synopsis: Building Materials Supplier – Pricing Strategy

At great expense, our client previously launched several products with disappointing results. To avoid another costly mistake, the client retained QDI to conduct research to measure their new product’s potential for success before the actual launch.

Case Study: Chemical Additives Manufacturer

We used innovative end-user research and original OEM profitability models to establish the value of our client’s chemical additive to the OEM, thus enabling our client to price the additive based on value.

Case Study: Health Care

Our client developed the next generation of product in their category and turned to QDI to learn the maximum price they could charge and still hit their volume targets.

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