How to Compete with Will-fitters – Customer Challenges

How to stop the share lose and take back your position

Most companies face some type of aftermarket competition or what some businesses call “will-fitters.”  As frustrating as it is for original equipment OEMs or the original product designer and manufacturer, these competitors exist and they exist because they have value to some customers.  Learn how to understand their value and the customers that buy from t hem.  Learn how to build value that can change this equation.

Case Study: Kitting Strategy for Competition

A leading manufacturer of engines was looking for a strategy to offset the efforts aftermarket suppliers – will-fitters – were having in his market. Our research identified areas to improve on that were met with enthusiastic market response.

Case Study: Construction Equipment – Aftermarket Strategy

Our client was looking to grow share in a highly competitive aftermarket parts market. It became critical to understand the needs of the market. Our needs-based segmentation exercise identified two distinct customer groups.

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