Assessing the Market: Is it Big Enough & How Much Can I Get, How Fast – Customer Challenges

How large is the market opportunity for this new product?

Is the potential large enough to meet your objectives? Will it grow fast enough? What could impact market growth?

Knowing both the size of the potential market and how fast it will grow are win-lose issues for new product marketer. These determine the scale of investments you have to make to be successful and the justification to make these investments.

Case studies on Assessing the Market

Case Study: Power Transmission

Our objective was to evaluate the value of this product concept to different customer segments and to quantify the size of the opportunity for each segment.

Case Study: Pump Manufacturer

At great expense, our client previously launched several products with disappointing results. To avoid another costly mistake, the client retained QDI to conduct research to measure their new product’s potential for success before the actual launch.

Case Study: Data Communications IBM

IBM developed a nationwide data network to move all classes of internal data. This very successful technology venture gave Field Service Technicians access to virtually any information they needed to more efficiently and effectively service customers.

Whitepapers on Assessing the Market

four steps to turn technology into profits whitepaper

Whitepapers – Four Steps to Turn Technology into Profits

The success of this approach is predicated on extensive market understanding of how the customer views the technology and makes decisions.

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