Identifying Customer Needs – Customer Challenges

Customers never tell you what they need, so how do you know what to do that they will really value?

Managers, designers and engineers are going to have to get their hands dirty understanding what happens on the front lines where work gets done and where customers experience the firm’s products and services. While this sounds like an ideal goal, building useful “customer learning experiences” is a much greater challenge to the innovation process than most understand.

Case studies on Identifying Customer Needs

Case Study: Electric Ranges and Ovens

Our client had access to several new cooking technologies from convection and light ovens to induction cooking and smooth-top ranges.

Whitepapers on Identifying Customer Needs

20/20 segmentation whitepaper

Whitepapers – A 20/20 Look at Segmentation

Do you have the vision you need to achieve success in the marketplace? The competition is tough. Before you take aim, take a 20/20 look at your current market segmentation strategy.

art of segmentation whitepaper

Whitepapers – The Art of Segmentation

Segment analysis plays a central role in a successful marketing strategy. All your marketing resources, from research & development to advertising & sales, are aligned to support the segments you target.

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