Strategic Management Whitepapers.

Whitepapers: Product Journey Mapping

The Product Journey’s purpose is to understand the customer organization’s interaction with the PRODUCT including their behaviors, thoughts, frustrations and delights throughout the customer’s entire life cycle with your product – setting the stage for product innovations that can change the game.

Whitepapers – Technology Marketing: A Different Paradigm

Historically, manufacturers have taken a classic leadership role directing how their products are marketed – defining target markets, value propositions, pricing, and programs. Over the last several years both product and marketing technology have been moving faster than manufacturers and channels know how to integrate it into their businesses.

Whitepapers – Will Your Channels Fail You?

First, the need to make a change is often not obvious. Markets are not homogeneous. Thus, changes happen at different times to different market segments.

customer journey whitepaper

Whitepapers – Your B2B Sales Process Obsolete

Your customers via YouTube, on-line forums, magazine websites, and consultants via their blogs, industry groups and articles, have now created so much content for prospects that the purchase process has radically changed.