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Are your channels failing you?

How do you determine if your existing channels will deliver the growth you need? Looking at sales volume often doesn’t tell the whole story and gives no clue to why revenues are dropping. The challenge for marketer is to understand why this happens (or could happen) and how to stop it before it happens or what to do once it has happened. A fundamental question will be, “Did the customer leave the channel, and if so was it because the channel failed or because the customer’s needs changed and the channel couldn’t adapt. Or did something else happen to change the channel’s focus so that your products’ importance dropped. All these require understanding that can only be gleaned from the market.

Case studies on Channel Support

Case Study: Factory Automation

Our client was implementing a strategy to overlay a direct sales force on top of a traditional distribution network. Their objective was to develop the programs and tools to make both channels more effective.

Case Study: MES Software Vendor

As the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) market developed, firms purchased solutions for a wide range of reasons. We found early adopters, learned what defined the emerging segments and identified leads.

Barcode Printer – Market Entry Case Study

Our client was launching a new line of printers targeting industries that were not currently bar code printer users. We jump started sales and shortened the new product ramp-up to less than a year.

Whitepapers on Channel Support

building a clear vision whitepaper

Whitepapers – How to Achieve Channel Transparency

It’s easy for organizations that market through independent channels to have impaired market vision. The channel sees and interacts with the customer.

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