Strategies for Market Entry – Customer Challenges

How to identify and sell to early adopters.

Is your new product valuable enough to get sales force attention?
If you have been in sales, you know that every new idea only gets a few shots at being successful. If it fails too many times it “never comes out of the sales reps bag again.” Learn how you can increase your chances of sales success with new products.

Case studies on Entering New Markets

Case Study: Programmable Controls

GE realized it was in trouble. The product line was old; the development efforts for the next generation product were going to produce at best a me-too product. QDI’s research helped GE identify the forces it could leverage in the market.

Case Study: Factory Automation

Maxitron was the first company to marry the brains of the personal computer to the functionality of a PLC. This was an exciting technology advance.

Case Study: Floor Coatings Manufacturer

Our client wanted to become a strong player in the commercial new construction market, a market in which architects and general contractors make the purchase decisions.

Whitepapers on Entering New Markets

overcoming gm product commercialization whitepaper

Whitepapers – A GM’s Product Commercialization Insurance Policy

Bringing a new product to market is one of the most costly and risky activities any GM will face. Voice of the customer research and stage gate reviews have improved the odds to achieve success.

avoiding pitfalls whitepaper

Whitepapers – Avoiding the Pitfalls of New Market Entries

New market launches require a myriad of decisions. It only takes a few bad decisions to sink a product.

50 questions whitepaper

Whitepapers – QDI’s 50 Questions to Rate Your Launch Plan

A poor product launch can damage a company’s image in terms of alienating the sales force, lowering customer satisfaction, and reducing your overall credibility.

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