Strategic Marketing Resources.

Whitepapers: Product Journey Mapping

The Product Journey’s purpose is to understand the customer organization’s interaction with the PRODUCT including their behaviors, thoughts, frustrations and delights throughout the customer’s entire life cycle with your product – setting the stage for product innovations that can change the game.

Whitepapers – Technology Marketing: A Different Paradigm

Historically, manufacturers have taken a classic leadership role directing how their products are marketed – defining target markets, value propositions, pricing, and programs. Over the last several years both product and marketing technology have been moving faster than manufacturers and channels know how to integrate it into their businesses.

Whitepapers – Will Your Channels Fail You?

First, the need to make a change is often not obvious. Markets are not homogeneous. Thus, changes happen at different times to different market segments.

customer journey whitepaper

Whitepapers – Your B2B Sales Process Obsolete

Your customers via YouTube, on-line forums, magazine websites, and consultants via their blogs, industry groups and articles, have now created so much content for prospects that the purchase process has radically changed.

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Synopsis: Building Materials Supplier - Pricing Strategy

At great expense, our client previously launched several products with disappointing results. To avoid another costly mistake, the client retained QDI to conduct research to measure their new product’s potential for success before the actual launch.

Case Study: Specialty Chemical Channel Erosion

We worked with a specialty chemical manufacturer several years ago that was the leader in the industry and had been introducing new product categories every few years. In spite of this, revenue growth, as defined by gallons of product sold per year was flat and had been flat for ten years.

Case Study: Biotech Channel Pricing Conflict

Our client was the manufacturer of a breakthrough biotechnology drug. Sales were skyrocketing, and our client’s drug was the fastest growing drug in history at that point in time. But quickly, things began to unravel in the marketplace.

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Workshops - Value Assessment

Are you looking at a new product, sluggish sales for an existing product, or opportunities for growth with specific products and market segments?

Workshops - Segmentation Strategist

Use QDI’s Segment Strategist Workshop as a springboard to develop a successful segment strategy plan.

Workshops - Segmentation Strategy

Learn QDI’s three levels of segmentation and how each level increases your ability to maximize profits. Look at your business and market opportunities, analyze your position in the marketplace and more.

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Tools/ Market Models

Video - Turning Benefits into Marketing and Sales Gold

Click above to view the Turning Benefits into Marketing and Sales Gold video, where Steve Bassill talks about creating and capturing value for your company.

Tools - QDI's Value Management Workbook™ Example

Using digital cameras as an example, the workbook walks through each step and shows the instructions, entries, and results for each worksheet. The output includes estimates of market shares for your company and competitors based on your estimates of benefits, costs, and market presence.

Tools - Value Management Workbook™

QDI's Value Management Workbook™ is an interactive software tool to help you assess your value, market presence, and market share position versus competitors'.

Tools - Channel Strategy Workbook

The QDI Channel Strategist Planning Workbook was developed to help Channel Strategists and Channel Managers develop more committed and effective channels.

Tools - Value Management Systems Model ™ (VMSM)

QDI consultants developed the Value Management Systems Model (for both executives and line management) to maximize organizational performance and profit by aligning all decisions, strategies and tactics.

Presentations - Voice of the Market to Spur Innovation

For over 20 years QDI has worked with clients to help create breakthrough “market understanding” to spur innovation in both products and go-to-market strategies.

Presentations - Customer Journey Maps

While the market is so full of noise, fewer than 50 percent of firms evaluating Production Management Software actually purchase the solution they originally consider.

Presentations - Changes in the Role of Distribution

Manufacturers have built their GTM strategies around the paradigm; distributors are an extension of the manufacturer’s sales and marketing organizations.

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