Conflicting Channels – Customer Challenges

If you think you have conflict, you probably do.

But is it harmful, or a natural byproduct of high levels of market coverage and market offerings?

If you have conflict, what strategies do you need to develop to manage the level of conflict and make your channels more productive? QDI conducts research to help clients understand the nature and sources of conflict that exist in their businesses and then helps the client develop an internal consensus around strategies to address the conflict.

Case Study: Biotech Channel Pricing Conflict

Our client was the manufacturer of a breakthrough biotechnology drug. Sales were skyrocketing, and our client’s drug was the fastest growing drug in history at that point in time. But quickly, things began to unravel in the marketplace.

Case Study: Utility Service Vehicle

QDI conducted research with all the players in the market to understand the nature and scope of the overlaps in market segment coverage and product lines between different channel players.

Case Study: Environmental Products

A road construction accessories manufacturer was experiencing a tremendous amount of channel conflict between its distributors. By reducing distribution to 30 distributors who became “full line partners” our client increased total sales.

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